Marine Spare Parts

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Based on almost 10 years experience in marine industry, oscar marine Supply  has established good relationships with original domestic manufacturers. Oscar Marine  is confident to provide appointed original spare parts .

1. Engine room auxiliary machinery

 AS: Compressor. Oil separator. Blower. Heat exchanger. Stern. Lubricating oil pump. Seawater Pump

2. Deck machinery & Safety

AS: Anchor, Anchor windlass, Anchor chain, Davit machine, Fire pump. Bilge pump. Ballast pump. Cargo pump.

3.Life-saving equipment & Fire Fighting System

 AS: Lifeboat. Life jacket. Breathing apparatus. Radio. Signal light. Fire extinguisher. Smoke detector. Fire alarm. Fire Hydrant.

4.Hatch cover and crane equipment

 AS: Rubber seal. Crane. Grab. Hook. Rope

5.Marine Electrical

 AS:Generator. Navigate. Illuminating. Communicating. Marine light. Gyrocompass

6.Piping system & ventilation

  AS: Pipe. Valve. Air pipe head. Blower. Axial Fan

7.Living Facilities

 AS: Boiler. Air conditioning and refrigeration. Fresh water generator. Kitchen & Bath Fixtures.

8.Environmental protection

AS: Oil/Water separator. Incinerator. Sewage treatment plant